German Conversation Bootcamp

31 May 2020 – 7 June 2020

German Conversation Bootcamp – Facebook

Learn German without lessons! Train your speaking muscles and grow your conversational strength!

In the Esperanto-Stacio (Esperanto-Station) in Halbe (Berlin), you’ll have the opportunity to spend a week of intensive German conversation practice with lively activities and games in a friendly atmosphere.
You learned the basics of the German language but you struggle with conversation?
You want to spend time with fellow motivated learners?
Maybe you live in Berlin but hardly ever have the chance to practice your German speaking skills?

Forget about boring grammar lessons and sleepy students memorizing articles!

At our German Bootcamp you’ll be interacting with each other all the time and you’ll be encouraged to talk about a variety of topics – from morning to evening – for a whole week!

During the German Bootcamp there will be no formal lessons but you will be guided by German teachers and native speakers who will facilitate your interactions and answer your questions.

We believe that language learning should be built around topics that are relevant to you. When you sign up for the German Bootcamp, you will be required to answer some questions about your topics of interest, so that we can structure our week together around themes and issues that really matter to you.

No topic will be off limits! Art, environment, food, partying, politics, dating, travel, social problems, sports, family life, work, music, recycling, business, animals, Eurovision, and whatever else you’re interested in!

Spend a week at our German Bootcamp! Immerse yourself in the German language, boost your speaking skills and find new friends!

Note: the Bootcamp is intended for people who speak German at least at a level A2/B1, up to C1/C2. It’s not recommended for absolute beginners. 

Program dates

German Bootcamp start: 31 May 2020
End: 7 June 2020

The Bootcamp will start in the evening of Sunday, 31 May with an introduction and it will end after breakfast on Sunday, 7 June. 

On Wednesday, 3 June there will be a day trip to Berlin. 


The price includes the Bootcamp, program activities, accommodation in the Esperanto-Station in a 4-bed room and the meals.

Full week German Bootcamp – (31 May – 7 June: 7 nights, 8 days): 540€


Want to participate but you need financial support? You can apply for a limited number of scholarships granted by the Esperanto-Stacio. Send us an email and tell us about you and why you would like to participate in our German Bootcamp and why the fee is too high for you to pay.
Scholarships reduce the fee. We have no scholarships available for travel costs.

Getting there

The Esperanto-Stacio (Esperanto-Station) is an international meeting place in the village Halbe, south of Berlin. The building is a former train station in the middle of the nature park Dahme-Heideseen.
Trains run directly from Berlin and take between 28 (Berlin-Schöneweide) and 35 minutes (Berlin-Ostkreuz). Berlin-Schönefeld airport is close. With a car it takes approx 30 minutes from Berlin’s southern border.


The German Bootcamp is open to a limited number of participants. Make sure you register as soon as possible.
To register, send us
an email at esperantostacio(at) with your name and your current knowledge of German (A2/B1/B2/C1/C2) and we will contact you for further information.

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